PREMIERE 05.05.2022
What is space? How much space do we need?
Critical Spaces is our current main work working with contemporary movement, aerial arts, cyr wheel and breakdance.
The full evening piece is a hybrid production for the analog and digital space, using traditional tools and new technologies to create an immersive experience for the audience - in the theatre and the digital space through VR and AR technologies.

Cast: Sophie Colindres, Jawad Rajpoot, Julia Sophie Ladner
Director: Michael Heiduk
Assistant: Sibel C.
Digital Content: Nicole Pobst
“Liquid Links – Short Cuts” shows several performances from the genres Cirque Nouveau and dance.
For the performance “Liquid Links”, the Munich-based artist collective PepeArts invites national and international artists to inspire you with the best of the different yet common worlds of contemporary dance and circus. Cirque Nouveau is an interdisciplinary genre with soft boundaries – combining contemporary dance with breathtaking artistry creates a wide repertoire and surprising moments. “Liquid Links” brings together different pieces from contemporary circus with dance, creating connections between the different actors, giving each piece the space it needs to unfold and work.
Establish connection - Strengthen connection - Loosen connection - Allow freedom - Liquid Links


2020 - 2021


Research from the time of isolation.

Due to legal regulations, we were not allowed to perform our pieces in the form in which we have performed them over the past years. Therefore, we have broken new ground, rehearsed anew and also integrated the themes that have arisen into our work.

Our 2020 production includes scenes of isolation, scenes that raise questions, that address dynamics, and that put the current situation and its challenges for us artists at the center of the action.

In many passages of the piece, this also becomes a play element and is taken ad absurdum.

The performers set themselves up in their rooms, each with their quirks and spleens. Jonas Dürrbeck inspires not only with breathtaking acrobatics and balance but also with the composition and performance of the songs. With Cyr Wheel, a big steel ring, juggling, pantomime and clownery Michael Heiduk completes the ensemble.

Except for our partner acrobatic duo, “Duo It”, consisting of Daniela Maier and Jakob Vöcki, who are also a couple in real life and live together, we avoid any contact with each other and respectfully observe the existing minimum distance of 1.5m on stage.

She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
„Identity“ beschäftigt sich mit unseren Wurzeln, unserer Herkunft. Woher kommen wir? Was zeichnet uns aus? Dabei tauchen die Darsteller in imaginäre Welten in denen Kulturen aufeinandertreffen. Woraus bildet sich unsere Identität? Was macht uns einzigartig? Gibt uns Selbstvertrauen? Macht uns zu denen, die wir sind? Erzählt durch Tanz und Artistik – dynamisch und bildgewaltig.

Circustheater. Alltägliche Situationen werden gespiegelt und da absurdum geführt. Die Welt ist ein Gefühl und welches entscheiden wir selbst. Erzählt am Tuch, dem Seil, zwei Ringen, mit 5 oder mehr Bällen, einer Spiegelkommode, Akrobatik, einem Blatt und Jonglage

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